The main visas for the United States

Traveling to the United States is not easy, but not impossible either. The US government’s immigration policy is known to be severe, partly to protect the country from threats. Therefore, all travelers must first apply for entry into the territory which will be materialized in the form of a USA visa or an ESTA. In this article we will come back in detail about the different types of visa.


How to get a visa for the USA?

As mentioned above, it is mandatory to have an administrative authorization to go to the United States. To do this, simply make an appointment with the nearest US Embassy to your place of residence. There are different types of visa (tourist visa, work visa, cultural exchange visa, J1 or F1 visa for studies, etc.) depending on the reason for your trip and your professional situation.

Another type of visa, the green card is a permanent residence permit issued by the United States Government to live and work freely on American soil. It is accessible according to a drastic regulation based on work, family reunion or marriage.

Regardless of the type of visa sought, interview at the US Embassy is an inevitable step in the visa application process. In English, you will have to explain your reasons for going to the United States. So be sure to be well prepared, by gathering all the necessary documents (your passport among others) and preparing the answers to the questions that will be asked.

Here is the type of visa you will need to apply depending on your situation:

Travel pattern Visa Type
Border crossing: Mexico BCC
Business trip B1
Tourist visit B2
Medical treatments B2
Transit by the USA C
Crew member (plane / boat) D
Student F, M
Specialized worker H1B
Worker in agriculture H2A
Professor, teacher, trainee J, Q
Spouse / wife of a US citizen K
Athletes or artists with extraordinary skills O and P
Religious wishing to work temporarily R
E1 / E2 visas as well as B1 / B2 visas and L1 visas are more detailed in articles devoted to them.


What is the alternative to the visa for the USA?

If you are a national of one of the countries participating in the Visa Waiver Program (of which France is a part), you will not necessarily need a visa to go to the United States. Indeed, this program allows the issuance of ESTA , allowing travelers to travel to the US for travel or business trips. It is a cheaper alternative (the file fee is $ 14 minimum) and faster (you will receive an answer to your request within 72 hours) than the traditional visa.

To get an ESTA, it’s easy: just fill out the form available on the official website of the US customs or access a specialized platform available on By using our services, your request will be fully supported by our team of specialists in travel formality. In fact, we verify and correct the information transmitted via our simplified form and in French, in order to eliminate any error that could lead to the refusal of your request. You will also access our online support available 6 days 7 to answer all your questions. We process your file in just a few hours and you ensure the delivery of your travel authorization directly to your email address.