All about the green card

Also known as a permanent resident card, the green card allows a non-US citizen to live in the United States and work there legally without having to obtain an american visa. Through the reading of this article, you will read the conditions required to obtain this precious document.

To understand everything about the lottery

Usefulness of the green card

The green card holder has the same rights as any American citizen (social security, health, education, retirement…), with the exception of the right to vote and to be juried during a trial.

The green card is issued by USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services). Its validity is variable and depends on the reason for obtaining. Renewal of the Permanent Resident Card must be done upon request. Thus, it is possible to keep the green card for life if we meet certain conditions (declare taxes, pay taxes in the United States, do not leave the United States for a long time …). Possess a green card, also allows to make after 5 years a request for naturalization.

Picture Green card

This is what an american Green Card looks like, a permanent resident card. This Green card is a “specimen” modified to delete the personal information of the holder.

Your photo ID must be less than six months old. It must respect the guidelines presented in the image in terms of the position of the face and dimensions of the photo ID.

US Green card
US Green card specimen picture

Get your green card

Receiving the green card will depend on your situation. It is allocated in the following cases:

  1. Sponsorship by a family member: A US citizen over 21 years of age (age of majority in the United States) can apply for a green card for his spouse, parents, children and siblings.
  2. Professional motive: are concerned with the opportunity to obtain a Green card through work the owners and directors of company(ies) having a site on the American territory, the investors who create jobs in the United States, the artists, scientists and sportsmen renowned, as well as the foreigners having a concrete offer of employment under conditions (experiment, level of study, profile?). The work can therefore lead to obtaining the Green Card
  3. Lottery: Each year, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services organizes a Green Card lottery, aimed at awarding approximately 50,000 Green Cards to applicants worldwide. This lottery, which is free to enter, requires you to be a citizen of an eligible country. As the United States wishes to maintain a mix among immigrants, certain countries are excluded from the program, such as Mexico and Canada.
  4. Political Reason: Persons recognized as political refugees or asylum seekers may apply for a permanent resident card. After acquiring the status, they have two years to complete the process.