Green card by marriage

The green card , also called a “permanent resident certificate” or, more commonly, a “green card”, allows lucky people who own it to live on American soil and work there.

Indeed, this precious document offers its holders the same rights as American citizens, whether in education, health insurance, retirement, university scholarships …

The different ways to obtain the green card

The green card can be obtained by 4 different ways:

The green card for married couples

Are you married to a US citizen or are you planning to take the plunge soon? Know that you can get the green card through the sponsorship of your spouse. You will be summoned by an immigration officer whose mission is to appreciate the legitimacy of your marriage. If his report is conclusive, a temporary green card valid for 2 years will be given to you. You can renew it later for a definitive card, valid for 10 years.

This temporary card decision was put in place by the United States to limit the risk of white marriages, a subterfuge frequently used by non-citizens in search of an American dream.

Indeed, in case of divorce occurring within two years, you will not be able to apply for the “permanent” green card for marriage reasons and you will have to turn to another solution (visa, job-related sponsorship, lottery, ESTA for tourist stay …).