Green card by work

The Green Card authorizes holders to live and work on American soil. It can be obtained in a number of ways: through refugee status, by playing the annual lottery, through marriage… In this article, we explain the requirements for receiving a green card for work-related immigration.

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Apply for the green card for professional reasons

Getting the green card for business is not easy. The US government, anxious to give priority to its nationals in employment, has put in place a lengthy and expensive procedure for employers who would like to hire a non-US citizen.

In fact, many recruiters prefer to avoid embarking on such an approach, moreover if the coveted candidate is not already present on American soil.

Similarly, this reluctance can be explained by the fact that the employer who will help you get the famous green card has no guarantee that once the sesame in your pocket, you will stay working for his company.

The permanent resident card obtained for professional reasons is therefore more suited to highly qualified individuals with extraordinary skills or working in a rare or specialized field.

It offers the advantage to its holders to be able to register for social security, which is useful for carrying out a large number of administrative procedures.

Green card, wanted profiles

People with the following profiles are likely to get the green card:

You can also apply for the green card if you belong to the following categories, but know that your chances of being sponsored by an employer are very slim:

If your approach does not succeed, do not be discouraged! Other solutions are available to you. You can :