ESTA Form to travel to the US

You are planning to travel to the United States soon and want your ESTA form as soon as possible. Through this page we provide you with all the information you need to complete your ESTA form.

What is the ESTA form?

Since 2009, business and tourist travelers must fill out an ESTA form before considering a trip to the United States.

This is a form only available on the Internet. it is managed by the US State Department and allows border police to collect information on travelers before their arrival in the United States.

The information collected actively contributes to the security of the country and helps to filter passengers before allowing them to enter the territory. This process is essential for the American government in the context of the internal security of the country and its visa waiver program.

Who is the ESTA form for?

The ESTA form concerns nationals of the 39 countries participating in the visa waiver program (VWP) implemented by the United States in 2009.

The form is individual and compulsory, accessible to everyone on the Internet. As part of a group trip, you must complete a form for each traveler, regardless of age. A complete and dedicated individual form must be completed for each minor.

Travelers must stay in the USA for tourism or business, and stay maximum 90 days during the 2 years of validity of the ESTA authorization.

How to get the ESTA form?

The ESTA form is only available on the Internet. The form must be completed online. It cannot be printed to be completed in writing.

You must therefore use a computer equipped with an Internet connection and an Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.).

The official website is the one and only website where the final form can be completed to be submitted to the American authorities.

The site is protected and has an up-to-date SSL certificate. This protection allows you to enter your online payment information securely when validating the form.

When to complete the ESTA form?

US authorities recommend submitting the ESTA form at least 72 hours before the scheduled departure date for the United States.

It takes a few minutes to fill out the form. It can also take several hours if you do not have all the available information ready. There are a dozen screens with different information themes to complete, including passport, employment, travel and contact information on site.

We list below in this article the details of the information to be completed and the documents to be provided.

Documents required to complete the ESTA form

To be able to complete the ESTA online form in full, you must provide certain documents and essential information.

The documents required to complete the form are:

How to complete the ESTA form?

Filling the ESTA form on the Internet is a process comprising a dozen successive screens to complete and then validate.

Filling an ESTA form is not an anecdotal step in the journey of a traveler. On the contrary: the Embassy of the United States insists on the importance of communicating sincere and precise information to complete online applications and obtain travel authorizations.

Particular attention must be paid to the copy of his passport number in order to ensure a serene arrival on American territory during customs clearance.

The steps to complete the ESTA form are:

  1. Go to the official website
  2. Validate access to the form
  3. Accept waivers and terms and conditions
  4. Fill in the requester’s data
  5. Check your e-mail entered on the form
  6. Complete personal identity information
  7. Fill in the travel information
  8. Answering eligibility questions
  9. Review your request
  10. Pay the ESTA form submission fee

We have described these steps in detail and have illustrated them with screenshots from the official site in our dedicated page: filling out the ESTA form .

How much does the ESTA form cost?

To validate the ESTA form, the applicant must pay the administrative costs on the last screen of their request. The price to pay is $ 14. He understands :

Processing fees are non-refundable. However, the authorization fees of $ 10 are reimbursed in the event of rejection of the ESTA request.

Payment must be made online by payment card. The applicant completes the information on their payment card and submits the payment. Payment is validated or declined in seconds.

The ESTA form fee is managed by the United States Department of Homeland Security .

How long does it take to process the ESTA form?

Once payment of fees is made, the form is validated. Processing of the request begins at this time. Processing is a fast computer process, which takes only a few seconds.

The response from the form processing system reaches the requester by email within a few minutes to a few days. The American administration allows itself a maximum of 72 hours to respond to the applicant. The applicant must therefore comply with the deadlines make his request at the latest 3 days before his departure.

When should I renew the ESTA form?

After 2 years of delay, the ESTA form must be renewed. This renewal must occur earlier in certain cases which are listed below:

In all these situations you will need to renew your ESTA form. Renewing the form means filling out a new one on the website.

What are the limits of the ESTA form?

Completing the form does not guarantee your entry into the United States. The ESTA and passage through customs is two different things. The final decision is made by a customs officer following your interview on arrival in the USA. The sincere and complete filling of the form is therefore not a guarantee of entering American territory.

Image of ESTA form

ESTA Form Personal Information in English

To save time and above all, to avoid all the annoyances linked to a possible refusal, have someone help you complete your ESTA form .

By respecting the procedure for obtaining the ESTA, you maximize your chances of success and can consider your departure for the United States with confidence!