COVID news (updated: April 6, 2023)

Apply for ESTA

All nationals of Visa Waiver Program (VWP) member countries, adults and children, regardless of age, must apply for ESTA before traveling to the United States.

Obtaining your official ESTA is easy: all you need is an Internet connection to fill out the online application and pay the application fee. This form does not need to be printed or mailed.


Documents required for an ESTA application

Before filling out the ESTA form, make sure you have all the necessary documents on hand.

  1. You will need your passport
  2. You will also need your airline tickets as you will need to fill in the name of your airline and your flight numbers.
  3. Don’t forget your credit card to pay the processing fee.


The ESTA form has several sections. You will find :

Whatever your profile and background, it is imperative that you answer the various questions truthfully: the answers may be subject to verification.

The cost of processing and obtaining

Once the form has been filled out and the information verified, all that remains is for you to pay the processing fee. They are to be paid by credit card.

In most cases, ESTA authorization is granted immediately and travel can begin. But in some cases your ESTA authorization may be pending momentarily. A little extra time will therefore be needed.

Note: The U.S. government recommends that you print this authorization and bring it with you, even though you will not be required to present a copy during the flight or upon arrival in the United States.