Pay for ESTA

The Electronic System for Travel Authorization allows travelers from all over the world to travel to the United States without resorting to a US tourist visa. This process has become very popular in recent years as it facilitates access to the United States while strengthening its internal security. This article will serve as a guide for obtaining your ESTA document : where to apply, how to fill out the form and how to pay for your travel authorization.

How can you pay for your ESTA?

If the submission of applications was free during the creation of this process, it has become a fee since September 2010. The application for ESTA is a fully dematerialized process, which means that the filling of the form, the validation of the application as well that the payment of the expenses of file can be realized only online. Some users may be reluctant to use an automated process, but the government ensures that the Electronic System for Travel Authorization is foolproof and designed to protect users’ personal information.

To obtain a ESTA in good form, it is necessary to fill a form in 4 parts:

Unfortunately, online payment is the only way to pay your ESTA, the system being 100% electronic. The main reason being that this means is the only way to be able to treat requests as quickly as possible (within 72 hours).

Why do I have to pay for ESTA authorization?

Due to the electronic nature of the approach, some travelers were expecting a free official ESTA application, since filling the form is done online and therefore does not need papers or officials.

The price paid for the ESTA is reinvested by the US government in order to:

The transactions thus made are of course secure and once you have made the payment online, you will receive a confirmation e-mail and another e-mail with your authorization as an attachment. You just have to print this authorization valid for two years.

To apply for ESTA you can either go to the US customs site or benefit from a specialized platform adapted to your needs.