COVID news (updated: April 6, 2023)

Free ESTA form

The Visa Waiver Program allows nationals of participating countries to travel to the United States without having to apply for a visa. However, this exemption does not mean that they can go without taking any steps beforehand.

Since the implementation of this system, travelers must fill out the ESTA form, for Electronic System for Travel Authorization.

To date, there is no such thing as a free ESTA. Indeed, the amount of this authorization corresponds to the mandatory taxes paid to the American authorities for the management of their service.

If there is no free ESTA authorization, how much does it cost?

The ESTA has a minimum cost of $21 in U.S. taxes to pay. The administrative cost of the ESTA is set by the American authorities, to which may be added additional costs depending on the services offered by the various providers on the market.

Also, while waiting for a free ESTA, applicants can take advantage of online services such as:

These services ensure that travelers fill out their ESTA application correctly and on time (no later than 72 hours before departure), saving them precious time that they can devote to preparing their trip.