What is called ESTA Official

If you want to leave for the United States for your next vacation, it is important to inquire about the conditions of entry at the risk of not being accepted by customs once there. To avoid this problem, all you need to do is make an official ESTA request by setting the ESTA price.

Official ESTA: what is it?

ESTA official is the authorization that will allow you to enter legally on US soil. It comes first in the form of a form to be completed which will then be processed by the US administration. It is she who decides to issue the authorization or not. The official ESTA is part of the Visa Waiver Program, which eliminates the need for a visa for the US , the latter requiring a longer and more expensive process.

The official ESTA concerns countries participating in this program, including UK. If you are a british national, you can make an official request for ESTA. It is also essential to have a biometric or electronic passport. Finally, the official ESTA once obtained remains valid for a period of 2 years and allows to stay 90 days maximum.

How to get his official ESTA?

To get his official ESTA, nothing more simple. Just go to the official US website or entrust your request.

If you are eligible for ESTA, all you need to do is complete a form entirely in French. You will be asked for information about your identity (last name, first name, address, etc.) and your passport (if it is not a biometric or electronic passport your application will be automatically refused). Finally, you will be asked to answer a series of questions by yes or no (on various topics such as your state of health, your judicial past, etc.).

Whatever the platform you choose, you will have to pay a minimum amount of $ 14 to send your request: 10 will be dedicated to organizations in charge of promoting the US internationally and 4 intended to finance the administrations responsible treatment by the official website of ESTA .