How much does an ESTA cost

Each traveler traveling to the United States under the Visa Waiver Program is required to pay a $ 14 filing fee . By comparison, the cost of a tourist visa for the United States is $ 160.

To facilitate your administrative procedures, many companies offer paid services and are responsible for completing the ESTA United States form for you. If they are not endorsed by the US government, these services are nevertheless rendered legally, regardless of their cost. In this context, the rates may vary depending on the options offered by the various companies.


ESTA: a minimal cost that can quickly climb

From 14 dollars of compulsory taxes, the price of the form ESTA Official can quickly explode. Of course, this rate does not only include the submission of the form. Among the most common benefits, we can note:


With these additional services, the price includes


Applying to a provider: the benefits

Travelers using these services often want to save time and avoid unpleasant formalities . The site is not the official US site , but by opting for this type of services, those in a hurry can consider their trip in a more serene day with the assurance that their ESTA form is filled in time and above all without mistake.

They take care of all the steps of your request of ESTA USA : collection of your information, review and corrections, submission of the form, follow-up of the file.