How much does an ESTA cost

Every traveler to the United States under the Visa Waiver Program must pay a mandatory fee online when applying for ESTA. The amount of taxes paid for the filing of an ESTA application is $21 US, or about 21 euros. These taxes related to obtaining an ESTA were $14 for more than 10 years, but since May 26, 2022 the US administration has set the taxes at $21. By comparison, the cost of a tourist visa for the USA is $160.

In order to facilitate your administrative procedures, many companies offer paid services and will fill out the ESTA form for you. They are not endorsed by the U.S. government, but their services are rendered legally, regardless of cost. In this context, prices may vary depending on the options offered by the different companies.

How to pay for your ESTA

With a minimum of $21 in mandatory taxes, the price of the official ESTA form may be higher in the end. Of course, this price does not only include the submission of the form. Among the most common services, we can note:

Payment for an ESTA is made by credit card directly on the ESTA application website. Payment is required in order to submit the file to the US administration. The processing of the application does not start until the payment has been made.

How to pay for an ESTA
How to pay for ESTA