Deadlines for ESTA

Are you planning to stay in the United States? Prepare your trip and complete your formalities USA ! And get your ESTA immediately in order to be sure to be allowed to walk on American soil!

Validity period of ESTA

The US authorities, anxious to ensure their internal security, set up in 2009 the ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization), alternative to the US visa classic ( B-1 visa / B-2 visa for example), more expensive .

Available to all VWAP (Visa Waiver Program) nationals, ESTA is valid for two years (or until your passport expires if the passport expires before two years of possible of your personal information).

You will also need:

Time to obtain ESTA

You want to get your ESTA ? Our team accompanies you throughout your process! You will receive your precious sesame within a maximum of 72 hours, and in the majority of cases, immediately after validation of your request.

Note: Occasionally some files are randomly selected for further scrutiny of the transmitted information. No fear to have otherwise, this way of proceeding is very common. In this case, the status of your file will be pending, but an answer will be sent to you no matter what happens within 72 hours.

The mandatory form ESTA consists of a series of questions about your identity, your trip, your state of health, your behavior … We proceed for you to verify the information entered, because each error emitted during the filling of the form could cost you your place in the United States! Indeed, the US authorities have full powers to select the persons authorized to enter the United States. Faced with the rise of terrorist acts, the US government has put in place various measures to increase the protection of US citizens. Analyzing the answers given by people who want to make a tourist or professional stay is part of one of the modes of entry control in the USA.

So do not wait! get your ESTA fast!