Eligibility for ESTA application

Do you want to travel to the United States for a business trip? The ESTA document is the perfect solution for your projects. Inaugurated in 2009, this travel authorization allows you to stay on American soil for a period of 90 consecutive days without having to resort to a classic USA visa . To do this, simply apply online via the ESTA form . Nevertheless, this one is subjected to restrictions on the part of the American government. Who is eligible to apply for ESTA?

Who should apply ESTA?

ESTA is the result of international collaboration between the United States and the countries of the Visa Waiver Program (VWP). These agreements allow nationals from participating countries to travel to America (as well as to Hawaii in Oceania) without being required to obtain an official visa from the US embassy or consulate . However, the VWP does not allow for the possibility of extending or changing the traveler’s immigration status. As a result, the travel authorization permits a stay of up to 90 consecutive days after the date of entry. At the end of this period, the traveler will be required to leave the territory.

If you are a citizen of one of the nations, congratulations! You are then eligible to apply for ESTA. However, its obtaining meets additional criteria that we will address in the following paragraph.

What are the regulations for ESTA?

It should be noted that the ESTA document has two very distinct objectives: the first is to facilitate access to the territory in order to promote tourism in the United States, while the second is to strengthen national security by carrying out enhanced controls beforehand of the rise of travelers on the plane or boat bound for the USA.

That is why to be able to get an ESTA, some rules must be respected before making a request:

  • Your passport must remain valid for the entire trip to the USA;
  • Your passport is electronic or biometric and must be issued by one of the VWP participating countries;
  • You want to visit the United States for touristic or professional reasons;
  • Your stay in the country does not exceed 90 days;
  • You travel by air or sea;
  • The airline must be recognized and approved by the US government;
  • You must never have violated American law before;
  • You must never have been refused during a visa application prior to your ESTA application.

Once all these conditions are met, then simply make your ESTA request by completing the form accessible either on the official website of the US customs, or by using a specialized support service. There are many advantages to using an assistance platform: first and foremost, access to a simplified form and in French. Then, specialists in travel formalities check and correct the information entered. This review eliminates any error that may lead to a refusal of your request. Finally, these services include the automatic provision of online assistance.

Make your ESTA request well before your departure so that you can concentrate on the itinerary of your dream stay.