Usefulness of ESTA

The ESTA authorization is to be had before any travel but for all that, it does not guarantee the entry in the United States. On the spot, the immigration services are the only ones able to validate an entry on the American territory.

Mandatory since 2009 , the ESTA document was created to make travel in the United States as secure as possible. At the disposal of travelers entering under the Visa Waiver Program , ESTA is available online, on a secure site and costs $ 14 (processing fee).

Whether traveling as a couple, with your family or with a group of friends: you are required to fill out an ESTA form per person! Infants or minors must have their own authorization ESTA USA . To help you, read our article how to get ESTA USA .

You may also need to update your ESTA or renew your travel authorization .

Not having the same vocation as a visa, the document ESTA allows you:

If you are planning a business trip, be aware that you are entitled to:

Whatever your project, this document is valid for a period of two years or until the expiration of the passport used during the registration of the traveler. It allows to multiply the trips or to pass in transit in the USA during this same period provided that the traveler continues to respect the 90 maximum days of presence on the territory.

To know how to pay for your ESTA , you can refer to the corresponding article.