COVID infos As of May 12, 2023, it is no longer necessary to be vaccinated against COVID 19 to travel to the USA.

Renewing your ESTA

The ESTA travel authorization must be renewed in certain cases. The main reasons for renewing the ESTA are that certain information has changed or the validity period has expired. To renew your ESTA in just a few minutes, click on the online form.

An ESTA authorization must be renewed in several cases:

1. If the traveler changes passports
A passport remains valid for 10 years. After this period, it can no longer be used and must be renewed. Each passport is associated with a specific number, so an ESTA certificate obtained with an expired passport must be renewed to ensure that the information on the document matches that on the passport.

2. If the traveler’s personal information has been changed
A traveler who changes his or her name or nationality during the two-year validity period of his or her ESTA will have to complete a new document. If you change your gender, you must also renew your ESTA.

3. If the traveler’s history has changed
The ESTA form includes questions about the traveler’s marital status, but also offers a series of 10 questions that require a yes or no answer. If either answer changes, a new ESTA certification must be made.

4. If the current ESTA certificate is no longer valid
After two years, an ESTA certificate is no longer valid.

How to renew your ESTA?

An ESTA certificate is valid for two years. Except in cases where this is not the case, it does not have to be renewed before this deadline.

After two years, it will be necessary to repeat the process online. Each traveler must therefore fill in his or her personal information and all data concerning his or her background. All new travel authorizations must be paid directly online.

The answer from the US immigration will be given by e-mail, within a maximum of 72 hours.

Note: If you lose your valid ESTA, you do not need to renew your ESTA. You can retrieve this one online, by logging on to the official US Customs website.

Renewing your ESTA without wasting time

You can update your information and quickly renew your ESTA for your next business trip in just a few minutes. You need a valid ESTA to travel again in the next few weeks

Don’t waste any more time with administrative formalities, and take care of organizing your stay on site. Apply for an ESTA online, and you’ll receive your new ESTA as soon as possible.