Renew your ESTA

An ESTA document must be renewed in several cases.

1. If the traveler changes his passport

A passport remains valid for 10 years. Beyond this period, it can not be used anymore and must be renewed. Since each passport is associated with a particular number, an ESTA certificate that has been obtained with an expired passport must be renewed so that the information indicated on the document matches that of the passport.

2. If the traveler’s personal information has been modified

A traveler changing their name or nationality during the two years of validity of their ESTA must complete a new document. In case of sex change, it is also necessary to renew his ESTA.

3. If the traveler’s history has changed

The ESTA form includes questions relating to the marital status of the traveler but also proposes a series of 10 questions that are asked to answer yes or no. If any of the answers change, a new ESTA certificate must be issued.

4. If the current ESTA certificate is no longer valid

After two years, an ESTA certificate is no longer valid.

How to renew your ESTA?

The validity period of an ESTA certificate is two years. Unless otherwise stated (see above), it must not be renewed before this deadline.

After two years, it will be necessary to redo the process online. Each traveler must therefore fill in their personal information and all data concerning their antecedents. Of course, any new travel authorization will be billed at $ 14, which must be paid directly online.

The US immigration response will be given by email, within 72 hours maximum.

Note: In case of loss of your ESTA valid, it is not necessary to renew your ESTA. You can retrieve your one online by logging into the official US customs website.

Renew your ESTA without wasting time

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