When to apply for ESTA

Do you need information on the validity of the ESTA for a trip to the United States? In this article, you will find information on the situations that can lead to an ESTA application.


Classic ESTA application

The ESTA is a pre-authorization granted to travelers wishing to enter the United States for a trip of up to 90 days.

Indeed, in order to enter the United States, travelers must have an authorization. It can be a visa, a green card or an ESTA.

The ESTA form is valid for two years and has the advantage of allowing multiple visits during this period. Quick and easy to obtain, it can be requested directly from our platform.

Once the online questionnaire is completed, our team takes over. It verifies the information entered on your behalf and then sends your request to the appropriate ESTA authorization service.

The request must be made no later than 72 hours before departure (within which time the U.S. authorities undertake to provide an answer).


ESTA application after a first refusal

If you receive an unfavorable opinion on your initial ESTA application, you may have made a mistake when filling out the form. Start by checking all your answers (spelling of first and last names, passport number, passport validity, etc.).

Once the error is detected, you can send a new ESTA application directly from our website (making sure to respect a 10-day delay between the two applications).

However, if after rereading you do not find any errors, you have no other option but to turn to an alternative, such as a visa application.


Requesting a visa following an ESTA refusal

ESTA refusals are very rare. If, after several applications, you still have not received a favorable opinion, you can then apply for a visa.

This procedure, which is longer and more expensive than the ESTA, must be done at the American consulate or embassy.

You must apply for a B2 visa for tourist travel or a B1 visa for business travel. Valid 6 months after issue, the waiting period to receive it is variable.