When to do your ESTA

Do you want information on the validity of ESTA for departure to the United States? In this article you will find information on situations that may lead to an ESTA application.

Classic ESTA application

The ESTA corresponds to a pre-authorization of stay granted to the travelers wishing to go to the United States for a trip of a duration of 90 days maximum.

Indeed, in order to be able to tread the American soil, the travelers must imperatively be provided with an authorization. It can be a visa, a green card or an ESTA .

The ESTA form , valid for two years, has the advantage of being able to make several stays during this period. Fast and easy to obtain, it can be requested directly from our platform.

Once the online questionnaire is completed, our team takes over. It carries out on your behalf a verification of the information entered, then sends your request to the service responsible for issuing ESTA authorizations.

The request must be made no later than 72 hours before departure (the period under which the US authorities undertake to provide a response).

ESTA request after a first refusal

If you receive a negative opinion on your initial request for ESTA, you may have made an error filling out the form. Start by checking all of your answers (spelling names and surnames, passport number, validity of passport …).

Once the error is found, you can send a new request for ESTA, directly from our site (taking care to respect a period of 10 days between the two requests).

On the other hand, if after replay you find no error, you have no alternative but to turn to an alternative, such as the visa application.

Visa application following a rejection of ESTA

The rejections of ESTA are very rare. If after several requests, you still have not received a favorable opinion, you can then apply for a visa.

This procedure, which is longer and more expensive than that of the ESTA, must be carried out at the consulate or the American embassy.

You must, as the case may be, apply for a B2 visa for a tourist trip or a B1 visa for a business trip . Valid 6 months after issue, the waiting time to receive it is variable.