Visa USA interview at the Embassy

You’re almost ready to fly to the United States, your itinerary is planned, your airline tickets and hotel are booked, and your suitcase is almost full! All that remains for you is the administrative steps to be taken in order to leave the serene mind and obtain your visa for the USA . As you already know, it is mandatory to obtain a travel authorization (ESTA) or entry into the territory (visa) to travel to the United States. In this article, we explain everything you need to know about the appointment at the US Embassy as part of a visa application.

How to get an appointment at the US Embassy?

To travel to the United States, for a period of more than 90 days for example, you must first obtain a visa. To make an appointment with the US Embassy, ​​you must make the request on the official website. You can choose the date and time of the appointment (Monday to Friday at 8:30, 9:00 or 9:30) and pay the visa application fee in advance. The US Embassy is located in the heart of the capital, Avenue Gabriel, metro station Concorde. Unless you live in Paris or nearby, it is therefore necessary to provide a day off to go to your appointment.

How is the appointment at the US embassy?

No matter what time you have an appointment, you will only be allowed to enter the embassy 15 minutes before your meeting. You will have to respect some security rules:

  1. The first step is done at the entrance of the embassy, ​​where a security officer will ask you for your name, the time of your appointment and you will be passed under a manual detector (as in an airport);
  2. The second step involves a more thorough search of your bags and pockets: electronic equipment (phone, tablet, etc.) or liquid products (cosmetics, drinks, etc.) are prohibited inside the embassy. They will be kept in a numbered plastic pouch until the end of your appointment.

Once out of the security checkpoint, you’re in US territory. An American representative will give you a number and you will have to wait for someone to call you. When your number appears on the screen, your identity will be checked again but this time, using your fingerprints! Finally, you will be taken to the interview room.

The appointment at the embassy lasts about ten minutes and is done in English or in French, it depends on the person with whom you spend the interview. You need to prepare this interview . Each appointment is different but in general, the key points are:

At the end of the interview, your interlocutor will tell you if your visa application is accepted or not, however you will not leave with the same day. The embassy agents will keep your passport for up to a week and will return it stamped with the desired visa by post. Finally, keep in mind that even with your visa, it is at the time of entry that the customs will decide whether or not you are accepted.

Important: if you want to go to the United States for a stay of less than 90 days, no need to make an appointment at the Embassy for a visa application! You can very simply and quickly apply for ESTA online .