Visa L1 USA

Among the many existing visas to stay in the United States is the L1 document. If you wish to obtain it, you will have to answer a certain number of pre-requisites beforehand, our team explains to you which ones.

What is the L1 visa?

The L1 visa is for executives and employees who have worked for at least one year for a company that owns a subsidiary, branch or branch in the US.

If, however, the American company is not yet established it will be necessary to prove during the filing file that the project is very advanced and that the premises have already been found.

The L1 visa was created to allow the actors of a French company to operate in the United States. However, not all employees are eligible.

Are concerned :

In both cases, applicants must have the experience and qualifications required to perform their duties in the United States.

The L1 visa has a variable validity period:

The document can be renewed. However, the duration can not exceed 3 years for executives and managers, and 5 years for highly qualified employees.

Apply for the L1 visa

If you wish to apply for an L1 visa, it is up to your employer to carry out the process for you with the US immigration services. You will be in a second time convened for an interview at the embassy.

If your spouse and children wish to accompany you to the United States, they will have to apply for a L2 visa. The L2 visa has the advantage of allowing spouses to be allowed to work on American soil and children to attend school.

While waiting to receive your sesame, know that you can go very easily in the United States by making an ESTA request . The process can be done directly online.