Visas O and P athletes and artists in the USA

Do you excel in your discipline? Know that you can claim a special visa, allowing you to go to the United States. Our experts explain all the requirements.


Customized USA visas

To date, the ESTA authorization is the simplest and fastest solution to set up for anyone wishing to travel to the United States, for tourism or professional reasons. Valid for two years, it allows its holders to stay on American soil for a maximum of 90 consecutive days.

However, there are other alternatives to stay in the United States, such as the green card or visa, under conditions to meet certain criteria scrupulously. Faced with the multitude of existing visas for the US , it is not always easy to navigate. You will learn, through the reading of the table below, the different visas that can be solicited, if you are sports or famous artists.

VISA O1A excel in the arts, sciences, business, education or sport
VISA O1B have extraordinary skills in the arts
VISA O2 to be the professional assistant of a VISA O1A holder
VISA O3 be the spouse or child (age limit 21 years) of an O1A visa holder
VISA P1A to be an internationally renowned sportsman
VISA P1B belong to an internationally recognized entertainment group
VISA P2 to be a solo artist or a member of a group traveling to the United States in a reciprocal exchange
VISA P3 to be an artist traveling to the US as part of a unique cultural program


How to get O and P visas?

If you are a well-known sportsman or artist and wish to apply for O and P visas , you should be prepared to prepare your file beforehand. You will need to complete Form DS-160 and I-797 based on US Immigration Services approval. Once these documents have been completed in due form, you will need to forward them to the consular service of the US Embassy.

If your application is denied, you can still go to the United States using the ESTA form online. This procedure can be done very easily from our platform. You will benefit from the assistance of our advisors on request, and will receive your authorization in a very short time. Usually the same day and anyway in less than 72 hours!