ESTA for minor

After months of planning, you are finally ready to go with your family to the United States. Whether it’s the route, the bookings, or the suitcases to fill, a trip of this magnitude can be complicated. Our travel experts in the US offer you to make your job easier through this article by revealing the workings of this travel authorization. Minor or adult, each member of your family will have to apply for the travel document for the United States .

What is the ESTA authorization for minors?

The ESTA authorization is a document that allows millions of travelers to board a plane or board a boat to the United States each year. A real alternative to different visas (E1 / E2, B1 / B2, F1, etc.), ESTA allows eligible persons to stay in the United States for up to 90 days and allows several trips during its validity of two years .

To be eligible, it is necessary to respect some criteria:

you want to visit the USA for touristic or professional reasons.
Just like adults, a minor will be able to undertake the following activities through the ESTA certificate :

A person can apply for ESTA for the whole family, or a group, as long as they have all the important information such as passport numbers and personal details of each traveler. The process for getting an ESTA is the same whether it is for an adult or a minor.

How to obtain ESTA authorization for minors?

In the same way as adults, minors wishing to obtain an ESTA will have to apply online by completing a 3-part form :

  1. The first part concerns your identity: surname, first name, date and place of birth, etc. ;
  2. The second part will ask you to fill in the information contained in your passport;
  3. The third part contains a series of closed-ended questions (yes or no) about your medical and forensic history.

In order to validate ESTA’s application for a minor, the application fee (the free ESTA does not exist) must be at least 14 dollars.