US travel documents

You already have your plane tickets or boat to go to the USA? This is a good thing to do especially if you are thinking about applying for your ESTA VISA ! Be aware, however, that before entering Uncle Sam’s country, you will have to collect a number of administrative pieces. Our experts explain everything in detail and remind you that trips to the US by land are also subject to rules.

Travel United States documents needed

When preparing your trip to the United States , be aware that to get there, all travelers must be provided with certain mandatory documents (children and babies included: ESTA is mandatory for minors ). Your entry into the US can only take place if all your coins are up to date, so be extremely vigilant.

Documents to present to immigration officials include:

A questionnaire translated into French will then be submitted. Once completed, our experts take over and take care of everything! They check one by one your answers and send your request to the US service responsible for issuing authorizations. You receive your document the same day, in the majority of the cases, and at the latest 72 hours after sending the form.

Also note that ESTA is mandatory when transiting through the United States.

Travel to the United States optional documents

People with a work visa who wish to stay in the United States for several months have every interest in registering for health insurance as well as American social security. This second document will help you a lot of steps, such as: open a bank account, rent an apartment, get a driver’s license.

For other travelers, it is strongly recommended to take a travel insurance. In case of accident or illness, you will be able to be repatriated to France.