Visit Las Vegas with ESTA

Ranked among the most touristic cities in the world, Las Vegas is the ideal destination for people looking for entertainment. The Sin City never sleeps! Whether you are a couple, family or friends, you will always find an activity to do in Vegas. Our team informs you about the unmissable visits to the USA to be made thanks to the ESTA.


Playing at the casino to win may be the jackpot

Las Vegas is a gamers’ paradise . A multitude of gigantic casinos are spread across the city: Caesars Palace, Bellagio, Venetian, Palazzo … all are carefully decorated and designed to make you dream. Slot machines, roulette, blackjack, poker, there is something for all tastes and for all stakes. These casinos also include hotel rooms, so book yours without further delay and spend an unforgettable night in Vegas.


Take a look at Las Vegas Strip

As you walk along the main street of the city, you can admire the glitz of Las Vegas. Gigantic theme hotels, reconstructions of cities (Paris, Venice, Rome, Luxor …), shows of all kinds, large shopping centers, bars, restaurants … The long avenue of almost 7 km lives day and night. In the evening, it is adorned with an impressive number of illuminations, leaving a unique memory to its visitors. Not to be missed !

Feel dizzy while pacing the Grand Canyon

For lovers of vast spaces, the Grand Canyon is a key step! A breathtaking panorama. Spread over 450 km, with a depth of 1300 m, the visit of the canyon can be done by car or helicopter for more sensations. Take a camera, the clichés of the grand canyon enclosed between the red rocks will amaze your friends. Also think about taking a bottle of water, it can be hot in Vegas, very hot even!


Surprise your sweetheart by passing the ring on her finger

You want to prove to your half that she is the woman of your life. So why not get married in Vegas? Atypical ceremony assured! There are a large number of chapels, and you can choose the theme you like, the most famous being the Elvis pack!

After the wedding, if you want to register your act in France, you will have to send to the Consulate General of France (located in Los Angeles) the original of the American marriage certificate, given at the end of the ceremony. Remember to check that all fields in the document are fully completed.

Convinced that Las Vegas is the destination for you ?! So do not wait anymore. Order your ESTA USA now . This document, quickly and easily accessible on the Internet, allows you to stay in the United States for up to 90 days.

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