Visit American National Parks with ESTA?

National parks: a natural landscape not to be missed

The United States has the most renowned national parks in the world. Yellowstone Park in particular is a fascinating place. It was the first in the USA to be designated a National Park in the 19th century. Located in the state of Wyoming, it is hard to believe that a huge active volcano remains within it. Yellowstone offers quite extraordinary natural shows:

Also on the list of very popular national parks is the Grand Canyon a classic of things to see on a trip to the American West that attracts millions of visitors each year. Standing on the edge of the canyon to admire the rock formations that reveal millions of years of history is incredible. It’s hard not to feel emotions when you’re in front of such a show.

National parks: practical information

Our team of U.S. travel veterans share with you some tips to consider before visiting a national park in America:

Important: with the 90 days allowed on American soil as a tourist thanks to ESTA, you will have ample time to visit several parks. Remember that the validity of your passport must cover your entire stay.