Discover Cuba

What to do in Cuba?

Our team gives you some advice to make your visit to Cuba an unforgettable moment.

Strolling the streets of Havana

A UNESCO World Heritage City, Cuba’s capital is not lacking in charm! Architectural enthusiasts will be delighted: this colonial city has many buildings ranging from baroque to neoclassical. Everywhere the presence of Che Guevara and Fidel Castro is felt through many emblems. For more authenticity, think of reserving a room in a particular casa (guest room), typical accommodation that will allow you to share the daily life of the premises. Also take advantage of Havana to take a stroll, soak up the city and taste some specialties, such as the famous black bean rice.

Dive into clear waters

With dream beaches and many islets, Cuba is an ideal destination for those wishing to bask in an idyllic setting. Couples traveling with young children will appreciate the multitude of beaches with shallow waters. Diving enthusiasts will also find something for them: one of the world’s longest-standing coral reefs and a rich and varied underwater life.

Visit a cigar factory

Famous for its cigars, the island of Cuba has several factories, accessible to the public. We can only advise you to visit one! You will learn the different stages of manufacture necessary for the making of a good cigar: leaves selection, process used for drying, hand rolling but also finalization of the cigar. Take the opportunity to bring back some memories, guaranteed success with your friends!

Swaying to salsa tunes

A paradise for salsaleros, Cuba is a destination where music and dance are omnipresent. Whether you’re a beginner or a good dancer, you’ll find something to enjoy yourself. Cubans are famous for being festive and warm. So don’t hesitate to come and dance to wild rhythms and enjoy delicious daiquiris and mojitos.

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