Visit New York with ESTA

If you’re traveling to New York for the first time, it’s possible to feel a little lost in the middle of this impressive metropolis. Streets with extravagant dimensions, skyscrapers covering the horizon, the tumult of traffic, the language barrier … New York is a world apart that is out of the ordinary. To help you get ready, we offer a practical guide to the city that never sleeps! A must during your visit to the United States .


What to do in New York?

New York is a gigantic city that leaves no room for improvisation if you want to make the most of it. Indeed, we advise anyone visiting New York to organize their activities for each day to avoid seeing opportunities to escape, to spend long hours in the queues or, to pay more at last moment.

We have grouped below the most popular attractions and not to be missed:

What are the tips for visiting New York?

New York has the reputation of being one of the most expensive cities in the world, but there are some good plans that our team unveils below to reduce your expenses:

Discounted attractions: You have the opportunity to purchase the “New York City Pass” which gives you the opportunity to access dozens of discounted tourist attractions. For a period of 9 days, you will access the popular attractions through the priority queue. This ticket saves you money and time at the same time!

Cheap accommodation: it’s no secret, accommodation in New York is very expensive. However, it is possible to divide the fees by 2 or 3 if you opt for a youth hostel or for a room rental homestay through online sites like Airbnb.

Moving cheaper: constantly moving, New York is a city that never rests. Expenses for subway tickets can quickly climb! Think of the many buses available and the bike rental! By booking online, some sites offer up to 50% off!

Finally, ESTA remains the most cost-effective solution for visiting the United States compared to the conventional visa. To get ESTA as quickly as possible, use an ESTA form in French .