Entry formalities in the United States

Whether you want to go to the United States for a pleasure trip or for business, you will follow the same route as you get off the plane: direction immigration service! Simple formality for some, real anxiety for others, this passage with immigration officers is usually very fast , especially if you have your ESTA.

Papers to present

When submitting to the Immigration Department, you will need several documents, as indicated on the Department of States or Department of Homeland Security websites:

The course of the transition to immigration

Moving to US immigration takes only a few minutes. Nevertheless, depending on the influx of travelers, which are obviously very numerous, arrive until the agent can take between 1 hour and 1:30. You must absolutely have completed the ESTA application procedure beforehand, and that it has been validated.

At the end of the queue, several steps:

Passengers with a US connection pass immigration on their first stop and not on their final destination. Indeed, the second part of the trip being done in internal flight, the legislation is no longer the same. A special queue is reserved for travelers who are just passing through.