Mandatory ESTA form

To fill a form ESTA is part of the formalities to go to the USA. It is a must for all travelers wishing to travel to the United States . Set up under the Visa Waiver Program, this authorization concerns the countries that are affiliated to the same program. Its goal ? Enable to enhance the safety of travelers by filtering profiles considered dangerous by US authorities.

A form first and foremost

Presented in the form of a form, the ESTA form is easy and quick to fill out. A few minutes will suffice to indicate all the information related to your identity, the reasons for your trip and your personal information. You will need to decline your personal details, indicate your passport and flight number and answer yes or no to a series of very simple questions about your judicial past and your state of health.

If your profile is “classic”, that is to say without any particular complications, you have a 100% chance of obtaining your ESTA authorization in the minutes following your registration.

Completing an official ESTA form is therefore quick and easy

Good to know: all travelers must complete their own ESTA declaration. Do you travel with your family? Every child must have a form in their name, even if they are too young to have a plane ticket.

A pass for the United States

An Esta Travel Permit allows you to fly to the United States but does not guarantee you 100% entry into the United States . On the spot, it is an immigration officer who will examine your request and authorize you, or not, to return to the United States.

Nevertheless, a traveler who has obtained without difficulty his ESTA authorization has a 99.9% chance of returning to the United States.

The ESTA card is not a visa

ESTA authorizes you to stay in the United States for 90 consecutive days and is valid for two years. Nevertheless, ESTA is neither a visa nor a green card . It does not offer the same rights to travelers.

Your ESTA listing allows you to:

When traveling for business, you can of course sign contracts, attend meetings and conferences and benefit from short-term training.