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ESTA news and US entry measures

The Temporary Protected Status” (TPS) program will end very soon.

In what is the latest twist in the Trump administration’s strengthened immigration policy, the U.S. government announced on the night of January 4 that the program granting temporary protection status to more than 200,000 Salvadorans will end in the course of 2018.

For almost 10 years, this program has allowed Salvadoran refugees to live and work in the United States, following the devastating earthquake that struck El Salvador in 2001. A decision announced only weeks after 45,000 Haitians also lost their refugee status. The latest rumours predict a similar fate for Honduran nationals currently benefiting from the TPS program.

A decision that is of course controversial but does not seem to worry the American president, used to provoke controversy.

(January, 2018)

Donald Trump’s legal battle is not over

President Donald Trump’s anti-immigration decree has been reinstated by the United States Supreme Court. This is a victory for the White House.

Signed on 24 September 2017, the text prohibits the entry into United States territory of nationals of six countries: Chad, Iran, Libya, Syria, Yemen and Somalia. It also suspends the entry of Venezuelan government officials.

It should be noted that the highly controversial decree had been suspended on October 17 by a Hawaiian judge, stating that the text did not prove how the entry of more than 150 million foreign nationals from the targeted countries “would harm the interests of the United States”. Nevertheless, pending the Court of Appeal’s decision on the matter, the Supreme Court authorized the implementation of the decree in its judgment delivered on Monday, December 4.

(December, 2017)

The green card lottery soon eliminated?

The American President announced his intention to abolish this device following the recent terrorist attack in New York.

Every year, a big lottery is organized by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services” to enable nationals of eligible countries to obtain a green card authorising them to stay and work in the USA.

This program was set up by the government, led at the time by the Democratic camp, in order to maintain a mix among the immigrant population. Every year, about 50,000 people get the precious sesame by participating in the lottery. However, this project may soon come to an end, at the request of US President Donald Trump

Indeed, following the recent arrest of a terrorist, causing the death of several people, entered the United States thanks to a green card pocketed via the lottery; Mr Trump, very involved in the preservation of internal security, wishes to put an end to the diversity immigrant visa program”, which he considers too risky and unsuitable.

He proposes instead to have recourse to a chosen immigration which would be based above all on merit” ! If the lottery were to disappear, rest assured, there are other alternatives to stay in the United States! For example, you can request the green card for a specific and justified reason (family ties, job offer, etc.), apply for a visa, obtain an ESTA thanks to a simple and fast procedure, directly accessible from our platform.

(November, 2017)

Donald Trump’s migration decree still blocked

President Donald Trump is facing yet another setback from his anti-immigration decrees. Indeed, a few hours apart, a federal judge from the State of Maryland as well as a magistrate from Hawaii both suspended the application prohibiting nationals from 7 countries to enter the American territory. This suspension is mainly due to the fact that the decree targets Muslims in particular under cover of strengthening the country’s security.

It is therefore still possible for citizens of Chad, Yemen, Libya, Iran, Syria, Somalia, Iran and North Korea to join the US if the latter have a valid reason in the eyes of the American authorities. Nevertheless, the government intends to appeal quickly in order to bring the case before the Supreme Court. The latter had agreed with the President that the second version of the decree, from which the latest version was directly derived, should be applied for a period of 90 days.

(November, 2017)

Ap digs the same electronics before boarding for the United States

Recently, the ban has been lifted in favor of other means to combat terrorist acts: the presence of explosive-sniffing dogs, an increase in body searches but also in the computer equipment of certain passengers. And it is precisely this last point that is currently under debate!

According to information provided by the associations, several digital cameras were confiscated for many months without any subsequent concern for passengers who were victims of this new measure. To date, the government has not wished to speak.

As the regulations concerning flights to the United States often tend to change, we advise travelers to check with their airline before boarding in order to avoid any inconvenience.

(October, 2017)

Flights to the United States: PC ban postponed

The US authorities recently planned to introduce a measure banning computers, tablets and any electronic device larger than a mobile phone in a cabin for flights out of Europe.

This ban has already been in force since last March for flights from certain Middle Eastern countries in order to curb a terrorist “real threat”.

A total of 10 airports and 8 countries are currently involved: Turkey, Egypt, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Qatar and Jordan.

The United Kingdom did not waste any time following this announcement since it took a similar measure concerning only 6 countries (Qatar, Morocco, the United Arab Emirates not being concerned but Lebanon is on this list).

(July, 2017)