The American kitchen

Enjoy your ESTA to go to the United States to discover Uncle Sam’s cuisine! Rich is varied thanks to the many influences related to the migrant population, the American cuisine is not devoid of interest and you should prepare your trip to the United States by considering the cuisine .. Read more, by reading this article , the most “typical” American dishes .

The famous American breakfast

The traditional breakfast is very similar to the one served in England. It is composed :

The most popular drinks to accompany this hearty breakfast are fruit juices and coffee with sugar and cream. American coffee is lighter in caffeine than the one we usually drink in France.

Lunch on the go

Americans spend little time at the lunch break. Lunch is usually consumed at or near the workplace; the goal is to be able to get back to work quickly.

Prepared in advance, or bought in stands or cafeterias, it usually consists of a sandwich, salad, soup, hot dog or burger. Considered as a national dish in the USA, the burger is not to be missed!

Family dinner

In the United States, dinner is very important. Shared as a family, it allows the different members to stay close and welded. Just like in France, the dishes are varied and depend on the geographical situation where one lives. If you are invited, beware of American manners !

As for the most popular cuisine of Americans, it is in New Orleans that you will find it! Savory and spicy, because of its various influences (Spanish, French, Creole and African), many tourists move in mass each year just for the pleasure of tasting it! Wake up your taste buds!

If you need more information to prepare your trip to the USA, do not hesitate to consult our other articles on life in the USA. You will discover the advice of our experts to make your stay a success!