Find a job in the United State of America

Going to live and work in the United States is the essence of the American dream for many people. The country of “Self made man” where everything would be possible attracts every year many adventurers wishing to try their luck to win a large number of American currencies with the H1B visa . But before the big departure, we give you some tips to find a job with Uncle Sam.

Find a job in the USA from France

Thanks to the internet, it is now easier to find a job without taking the risk of moving directly on the spot. Despite the obvious, it is important to remember that it is imperative to speak English to hope to win the famous sesame. Although there are positions where only French is required (and these are extremely rare), the language of Shakespeare will still be essential for everyday life. It is also important to think about formatting your resume to American standards: translate your school curriculum and diplomas with the equivalent terms of the country, no more than two pages and concisely highlight your professional experience and skills.

There are many job sites and it would be impossible to list them here. Let’s mention some of the most used ones like Monster, Indeed or Linkedin. Be careful nevertheless for the last example, Linkedin is not strictly speaking a site of job offers but a professional social network. A large number of head hunters use this site where they can consult the different profiles of users looking for a person corresponding to their recruitment criteria. In other less well known but equally useful such as Pôle Emploi International, the site of the French Embassy in the United States or (the equivalent of the public service portal in France).

Obtain a visa to work in the USA

Formality of paramount importance, obtaining an H-1B visa is essential to work in the USA. It is very important to notify your applications that you have no authorization for your future employer to help you get one. Indeed, you will need to be sponsored by the latter to undertake the visa application process. You will then need to contact the US Embassy in France, which will ask you to complete the form DS-160 and will call you for an appointment. If your application is accepted, you will receive your visa by mail. It will be valid for a period of 3 years which can be renewed.

For people who have been recruited for a job at a consulate, at the US embassy or in an international organization, the steps are much simpler. Indeed, it is the organization or the government that takes charge of the application at the US Embassy in France to issue you your A visa or G visa.