Social Security in the USA

If you are going to the United States for a long stay, especially if you have managed to obtain a visa for the USA , it is strongly recommended to apply for a Social Security Number . Our team explains how to carry out the process.

Social Security System United States

Although not mandatory, possessing a US social security number, will help you to complete a large number of steps, such as: open a bank account, rent an apartment, obtain a driver’s license, take out health insurance …

Social security has been put in place to protect workers, including the right to retirement, disability and death benefits.

On the other hand, unlike France, having a US social security number does not open a right to social assistance or reimbursement of medical expenses.

If you are a non-US citizen but you have a work visa (such as the L1 for example) or a green card, you can apply for a social security number. This is in the form of nine digits: the first 3 are linked to the geographical area where the request was made, the next 2 are randomly assigned, and the last 4 correspond to a serial number.

Get a social security number United States

The US Social Security number proves administratively that you live and work in the United States.

In fact, recipients of the Visa Waiver Program can not obtain it.

Indeed, getting an ESTA does not fill a position in the United States. In this case it is still advised to travelers to subscribe to a repatriation insurance in case of accident or illness during the stay.

Holders of the work visa or the green card must apply for a social security number with the social security service closest to their home, ten days after their arrival on American soil, in order to leave the time for the immigration services to register their arrival.

In order to validate the request, it will be necessary to present several pieces

Once the complete file is submitted, the card showing the social security number is sent within 2 to 8 weeks. Free and valid for life, it does not require renewal.