Get the ESTA without a project in the USA

The ESTA consists of a pre-authorization provided by the US authorities, for a stay in the USA. The authorities want to ensure that travelers staying on their territory do not plan to achieve the security of the country. In this case, can one still apply for a ESTA travel authorization without having cabled a specific project? And what does the ESTA authorization really allow ?

Who is ESTA for?

This document requires, in order to be obtained, to respond positively to certain criteria, such as:

The interest of ESTA lies in the fact that it does not require to have a specific project to be solicited. Unlike, the green card, for example, which to be obtained underlies that the applicant is justified: marriage, family reunification, employment, political motive …

In addition, ESTA is easy to obtain and inexpensive. Valid for two years, it allows its owners to make multiple stays during this period. So if you do not have a specific project, it can be a great alternative for a first meeting with the United States.

Get the right authorization for your projects

On the contrary, ESTA is not suitable for people belonging to the following categories:

In this case, applicants must turn to other forms of authorization:

If you go to the USA without a specific reason, you can now order your ESTA directly from our online platform. After completing our online form, our experts will thoroughly check all your information.

Your request will then be sent to the US Authorities Service, which is authorized to issue ESTA. You will receive your ESTA document, without a specific project, in less than 72 hours, and in most cases the same day.

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