Future of ESTA with Donald Trump

Recently elected President of the United States, the election of Donald Trump was subject to controversy including following controversial statements about immigration. According to the new US president, a tightening of immigration policy is necessary to address the problem of illegal immigrants from Mexico as well as illegal labor. It seems that Donald Trump is ready to do anything to make America “Great Again”, but does this affect tourist or business travelers seeking ESTA authorization through the Visa Waiver Program ?

Is Truth-Hardened Border Control Threat to ESTA?

Having been in the news for several months, it does not surprise anyone that Donald Trump tackles the immigration issue. During the presidential elections, the pillar of his election campaign was a program aimed at reforming and tightening the conditions of access to the American territory:

For several months, the world has been worried about what Donald Trump said and the consequences of implementing such decrees. At present, citizens of the countries participating in the Visa Waiver Program benefit from a visa exemption in the form of ESTA, but for how long will this be the case?

Can Donald Trump remove ESTA for France?

The US president is also worried about the rise of radical Islamism and does not hesitate to point the finger at the attacks perpetrated in France in recent years. His comments accuse France of failing to sufficiently control movements on the territory as well as at the borders, even though the European Union will put in place in 2021 its equivalent of ESTA: ETIAS. Donald Trump considers that France has become gangrenous by terrorism and believes that French citizens presently represent a risk to the national security of the United States. A project to strengthen identity checks for ESTA or visas for French citizens had been proposed, however these statements were quickly criticized by his own party and Donald Trump’s proposal remains unfulfilled.

Nowadays, it is always possible to obtain an ESTA without hardening of the gait. If in doubt, our online support service is available 7 days a week to answer all your questions and explain you step by step how to get your ESTA today.